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55th Anniversary

The History Teacher
1967 • 2022

The History Teacher - Order

The History Teacher - Order

The History Teacher

Volume 46, No. 4
August 2013

Comics, Cults, and Games in History Education

Cover: Presenting Picard. Semi-Formal Evening Gown. Spring. Earth. Pencil on scrap paper by ann/e/ominous, 2013. Image reads: "By bl@rgh. Bodice in cragn with makron accents and frizzled gnashh. Sleeves in tufted gorklon. Skirt in Zorkian tentacle-woven mik'lex feathers from gleckian and non-gleckian breeds. 17,600,370,000 + x99 morkraps. Starpin Brooch & Earrings by qptiki-mulx. 29,000,000 and 335,999 morkraps."

Back Cover: Presenting Picard. Deep-Diving Catsuit. Sub-Zero. Liquids. Pencil on scrap paper by ann/e/ominous, 2013. Image reads: "By bl@rgh. Second-skin suit in liqui-proof® zeegronz with imqurlb arm bands and sleeves alternating in plush krojje and krajje strips. Laces up with braids of Torquon spider ass strands. 3,140,314,150 + x99 morkraps. Heat-gathering hat by eezub. Yrgrite skin secured by braids of Torquon spider ass strands. Nizark bladder flotation detatches. 99,750,000 + x99. HOVERBELT by bl@rgh. 762,127,000 + x99 morkraps."

These cover images exhibit the playful theme of this special-focus issue on using comics, cults, and games for history education.

The History Teacher
Volume 46, No. 4
August 2013

Front Matter | Back Matter


Encounters with Historical Agency: The Value of Nonfiction Graphic Novels in the Classroom
  by J. Spencer Clark   (pp. 489-508)

To Boldly Go Where No History Teacher Has Gone Before
  by John C. Putman   (pp. 509-529)

How to Create a Cult: Make-Believe, Contingency, and Complexity in the History Classroom
  by Richard E. Bond   (pp. 531-546)

Virtual Worlds: Integrating Second Life into the History Classroom
  by Eric J. Morgan   (pp. 547-559)

Pounding Dice into Musket Balls: Using Wargames to Teach the American Revolution
  by Solomon K. Smith   (pp. 561-576)


Stimulation, Not Simulation: An Alternate Approach to History Teaching Games
  by William B. Robison   (pp. 577-588)

Picturing an Alternate Ending: Teaching Feminism and Social Change with The Paper Bag Princess
  by Abigail Feely   (pp. 589-600)

Liberation Theology: A Pedagogical Challenge
  by Mee-Ae Kim   (pp. 601-612)


Full Reviews Section   (pp. 613-628)

Blum, Edward J. and Paul Harvey. The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America
  by Rod Janzen

Boardworks Education. Boardworks High School U.S. History. Boardworks High School World History 1450-Present
  by Rich McKinney

Campbell, Kenneth L. Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach, Volume I: To 1715. Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach, Volume II: Since 1600
  by David Reader

Davies, Robert B. Baldwin of the Times: Hanson W. Baldwin, A Military Journalist's Life, 1903-1991
  by Christopher Thomas

Gould, Eliga H. Among the Powers of the Earth: The American Revolution and the Making of a New World Empire
  by William C. Barnhart

Luff, Jennifer. Commonsense Anticommunism: Labor and Civil Liberties between the World Wars
  by Virginia R. Boynton

Maynes, Mary Jo and Ann Walters. The Family in World History
  by Rachel Anne Gillett

Miller, Randall M., ed. Lincoln & Leadership: Military, Political, and Religious Decision Making
  by Stephen L. Hansen

Nguyen, Lien-Hang T. Hanoi's War: An International History of the War
  by John G. Selby

Ó Corráin, Donnchadh and Tomás O'Riordan. Ireland 1870-1914: Coercion and Conciliation
  by Karen Sonnelitter

Redniss, Lauren. Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout
  by Linda Kelly Alkana

Smith, Sherry L. Hippies, Indians, and the Fight for Red Power
  by Nathan Wilson

Tischauser, Leslie V. Jim Crow Laws
  by Gaines M. Foster


Index to Volume 46   (pp. 629-636)


487   Contributors to The History Teacher
637   Questionnaire for Potential Reviewers
638   Membership/Subscription Information
640   Submission Guidelines for The History Teacher


530   Association for Asian Studies: Teach About Asia, Learn About Asia
560   Bedford/St. Martin's: We're Serious About History


Richard Bond is an Associate Professor of History at Virginia Wesleyan College. He received his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University. He is editor of From Jamestown to Jefferson: The Evolution of Religious Freedom in Colonial Virginia (University of Virginia Press, 2011) and author of "Failing Lessons: Tales of Disastrous Assignments," which appeared in the January 2013 issue of Perspectives on History.

J. Spencer Clark is an Assistant Professor in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Utah State University. Before earning his doctorate at Indiana University, he was a high school history teacher in Kansas. At Utah State University, he teaches undergraduate social studies methods courses and graduate courses in the foundations of education and curriculum theory. His research interests focus on the concept of agency in history teaching resources, teacher education, and civic education.

Abigail Feely is an Adjunct Professor of History at American River College in Sacramento, California, where she currently teaches U.S. history and U.S. women's history. Feely earned her B.A. in History from UCLA and her M.A. in History from California State University, Sacramento. She has served as a Mentor Teacher for the California State University, Sacramento History Graduate Program and as a Historical Advisor with the UC Davis History Project.

Mee-Ae Kim is a Professor of History at The College of Idaho and teaches World and Latin American history. She earned her Ph.D. in Latin American History from Washington State University in 2000. Her research concerns Asian immigrant labor in northwest Mexico. Her regularly taught courses include Colonial Latin America, Modern Mexico, Military and Society in Latin America, Modern Cuba, and Liberation Theology.

Eric J. Morgan is an Assistant Professor in Democracy and Justice Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where he teaches courses on various aspects of twentieth-century U.S. history as well as South African and modern African history. His publications have appeared in Diplomatic History, Enterprise & Society, Diplomacy & Statecraft, and the Dictionary of African Biography. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

John Putman is an Associate Professor at San Diego State University who earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego. He is the author of Class and Gender Politics in Progressive-Era Seattle (University of Nevada Press, 2008). He has received several outstanding faculty awards and for several years has taught a course entitled "Star Trek, Culture, and History." His chapter entitled "Terrorizing Space: Star Trek, Terrorism, and History" was just published in Star Trek and History (Wiley, 2013).

William B. Robison (Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1983) is a Professor of History and Head of the Department of History and Political Science at Southeastern Louisiana University. He teaches courses on British and early modern European history. He is author of numerous articles about Tudor England; co-author (with Sue Parrill) of The Tudors on Film and Television (McFarland, 2012); and co-editor (with Ronald Fritze) of Historical Dictionary of Stuart England (Greenwood, 1996) and Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England (Greenwood, 2002).

Solomon K. Smith is currently at the Department of History at Georgia Southern University. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 2009. He teaches classes on Early America, First Contact, the American Revolution, Atlantic History, and Pirates in the Americas.

The History Teacher cover

Cover 4
The History Teacher
Volume 46, No. 4
August 2013

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